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In addition to scrapbooking, I love to create handmade invitations.  Over the years I made invitations for all of my personal celebrations and started doing them for friends and family and was encouraged to do more and here I am!  I create invitations for all occasions. I take great pleasure and care in my invitations.  They set the tone of a celebration and ultimately are great keepsakes for your scrapbook photo albums!  

Please take a look at my photo gallery of some of my invitations, scrapbook pages and framed scrapbook pages for that one of a kind personal gift. 

I look forward to having the opportunity to help you and your family to contribute to the preservation of your family photos and or to contribute to your special celebration with a custom handmade invitation.

Please contact me with any inquiry and we can work together to create your original custom handmade item!

I look forward to hearing from you!


My albums tell my children a story.  The story of me and my family as a child, the story of me and their father before we were blessed with them.  My scrapbook photo albums gives my children the opportunity to know their wonderful and beautiful grandmother through photos, memories and stories all documented and preserved in my albums .  

I continue to create yearly scrapbook photo albums documenting our family memories and special occasions telling our story.  I call it the “OnceUponaYear Scrapbook Album.” Our family scrapbooks allow them to enjoy photos of them, family and friends.  When we reminisce through our albums, our kids truly enjoy it.  Together as a family we learn, we share and we reminisce, as we look at our photos together with special moments and trinkets journaled and embellished on beautiful pages.

A custom photo scrapbook is a treasured collection of your photos.  It is more than just putting pictures on a page.  They also make great gifts that are unique, personal and thoughtful.  I decided that I wanted to help others organize their photos for the sole purpose of preserving their memories!  Every photo has a story to tell and I want to help you tell your story.  

We are all busy and spare time is a rarity.  I think it is imperative to take the time to preserve our photos for ourselves and for our children and hence I decided to launch a scrapbooking service to help you ensure your photographs and memories are not lost, not forgotten.  Ultimately these albums are keepsakes to be shared for future generations that tell your family's story. 

Albums can be just about anything you want them to be, i.e. a special gift for newlyweds, an album of your baby's first year, first family vacation etc., or an album for all your photos (the "onceuponascrapbook year scrapbook").  The size of the album will depend on the number of photos, the possibilities are endless.  I can create a single page for framing or an entire album.  My creations are inspired by your photos.  Every page is different because every photo is different.

Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting my website!  

​​​My name is Sabrina.  I am a wife and mommy of two great kids!  For as long as I can remember I have always been creative and have had a love for crafting.

As a child, I organized my photographs into magnetic albums and would decorate the pages with whatever crafts I had.  But who really likes those sticky magnetic albums!?  As I got older, I started organizing my photos into scrapbook albums instead of regular photo albums.  My albums became more detailed and embellished with great and fun crafty items, including trinkets that I had saved.

I developed a real love for scrapbooking after my mom passed away from a short battle with cancer. I turned to my scrapbook photo albums as part of my grief process.  Shortly after she passed away, I tackled a drawer of loose family photos in an old dresser in my parent's house. There were over 100 photos in this drawer (including photos of my parents and family from before I was born).  It was a time consuming and challenging process, differentiating dates, places, events etc., but it was well worth it.  I was able to preserve so many photos of my mom that were just scattered in a drawer.  It helped me during one of the most difficult times in my life.  When someone you love becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure.  Within a year of her passing I became a new mom and knew for sure scrapbooking was something I would definitely do more of and not lose sight of.

Scrapbooking is my passion and my outlet.  I absolutely scrapbook everything!  With the move from film to digital, I try to stay up to date and not keep a backlog of photos on my computer or phone, or keep them stored loosely in a box or drawer for my kids to figure out one day!  I usually print my photos in batches every 3-4 months.