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Scrapbooking FAQ

What is a custom designed scrapbook photo album
A scrapbook photo album is a collection of your photos embellished with assorted crafts including your memorabilia and journaling. Your pages will be designed unique to your photos.  Each album tells a story, YOUR story.  I will use all of the photos you provide me.  Generally we print our photos in 4x6, but I always encourage to print some of your photos in various sizes to add variation to our custom album.   If you have specific items, keepsakes, embellishments, we will include them in your album.   You can be involved as much as you wish or not in the creative process of your album.

What is a Postbound Scrapbook Album
All my packages include the choice of fabric post bound or 3 ring srcapbook photo album.  Once we determine the size of your album based on the number of photos we will look at album choices.  If you would like a specialty album (i.e. leather album) there will be an additional charge.  All the albums include flat acid and lignin free page protectors.  If you have your own album you would like to use, I suggest that you send it to me with your photos-it also will provide protection for your completed pages when shipped to you.

What type of products/materials will you be using?
I use all types of card stock, stickers, ribbon, die cut outs, stamps, paper embellishments.  I will also include any memorabilia you would like to include (i.e. invitations, newspapers, cards, napkins, tickets, announcements).  All the materials I use are acid/free and safe to use with photographs.

Acid causes paper and photos to disintegrate. This aging process is slowed significantly when acid is removed from paper during the manufacturing process.
Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibers together. Newsprint contains lignin—you’ll notice how brittle and yellowed a newspaper becomes after just a few days.  Using acid free and lignin-free products prevents your photos from discolouring and disintegrating more quickly than they would naturally.    

What is considered a page and layout?
A PAGE is one side of a 12x12 page.   
A LAYOUT is two (2) facing pages which creates the flow of events and photos in your album and allows for more photos to be grouped for a specific event. 

Are photos cropped?
Clients generally print 4x6 photos.  I encourage my clients to also print photos in various sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10 etc.).  Having different sizes of photos adds a nice variation to your album.  Cropping photos allow for more photos to be designed into a layout/page.  I do not crop/trim more than necessary because photo backgrounds are important.   If you do not want a specific photo cut or altered, please tell me!

What is Journaling?
Journaling is a personal recollection of the events or people in your photographs which can get lost if not recorded.  It is an important aspect of your scrapbook. Journalling can be as simple as a single sentence or a few lines, or you can write full paragraphs or stories. It can tell the story behind your photos and memorabilia especially if the picture is not self-explanatory.  Journaling can be hand-written or computer generated or with stickers.   
If you want to journal yourself, just let me know which pages will need space for journaling and I will design around it.   

Invitation FAQ

Can you design an invitation based on a particular style I have in mind?

Yes, I will create a sample free of charge.

I don't know what type of invitation card or style I would like. 

I can help! We can work together to create the perfect invitation for you. (i.e. Vintage, Modern, Rustic, include a Photo)

I see an invitation I like in your photo gallery, but want it in a different colour.
Any design you see can be customized using any colour, type of paper, die cut and ribbon.

How soon should I order my invitations?  
I recommend you contact me to begin the creation of your invitation about 4 to 5 months before your wedding and  about 2 months before any other celebration . This allows us to create, customize, make any edits and finally handcraft your invitation.  Each invitation is handmade and created especially for you, so I prefer we allow some extra time.

Once Upon a Scrapbook's Client Satisfaction & Confidentiality
I will personally be creating your pages/albums and/or invitations and I want you to be satisfied and excited with the handmade item made especially for you. Scrapbooks: Along the way I will send you pictures of completed pages to ensure you are content with the progress of the album.   Given items are mounted with adhesive, I will try my best to accommodate any changes.  

Invitations: I will create a sample invitation at no charge and send you a jpg. image of the invitation for your review and approval.  Once the invitation has been approved as is, I will make the invitations and provide you with my turn around time. 


I will not display your handmade items on any social media, my website, etsy shop without your consent.  No copies of your photos will be made.  Your photographs will be handled with the utmost care from the time I receive them to the time I return them to you in your custom designed scrapbook photo album.
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Do you still have questions I didn't answer above?  Please contact me, I be happy to speak to you or communicate via e-mail or messenger.