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Your Photos… Your Story...Your Occasion...Your Invitation...Your Memories

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​Tell your Story!

Turn a drawer or pile of photos into an organized Scrapbook photo album! 

​How do I get my Custom Scrapbook  started?  ​
I am excited to work with you in creating a custom scrapbook album.  Let's start with a phone or in person consultation to discuss the purpose of your album, your photos and what you want to include in your album.  

Go through your photos, this can be a time consuming task, but I promise you the end result will be worth it.  Go ahead and print your photos, if you have not done so and and sort them in the order you want them displayed in the album. I like to work chronologically.  Correctly sorting, handling and storing your photos can make scrapbooking much easier and efficient. Remember if you took 100 photos at Christmas, you don’t have to scrapbook all 100!  Envelopes, ziploc bags and post it notes are a great way to organize your photos.  Make color copies of very old photos and use the copies. 

Your pages will be designed unique to your photos. The pages will be embellished to include any trinkets, keepsakes and specific journaling you provide me.  Each album tells a story, YOUR story.  You can be involved as much as you wish or not in the creative process of your album.

I will use all of the photos you provide me.  Generally we print our photos in 4x6, but I always encourage to print select photos in various sizes to add variation to your custom album.   If you prefer to have me print your photos, I can certainly arrange that. 

After our consultation, I will e-mail you an Agreement and Design Form.  The Design Form will summarize our consultation call and the details of your album package.  Kindly return the signed Agreement and Design Form by email or alternatively you can provide it to me together with your photos. If you are local you can deliver them or we can meet at a mutually convenient location. 

Once I start your album I would be happy to email you pictures of the project along the way to ensure you are satisfied with your custom album.  If you would like anything on the layout changed, depending on the change and given adhesives being used, I would try to accommodate these requests. 

At any time please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

​Here are 10 simple reasons why you should...
1.  You want to organize your photos stored in drawers, boxes, phones and/or computers.

2.  You are not crafty. 

3.  You do not have the time to organize your photos in  an album for yourself.
4.  You want to record special moments and occasions to preserve your memories.

5.  You want to pass on the memories of the photos to loved ones.

​6.  You want to document family history and connect the past to the future.

7.  You want to record the beauty of a photography session.

8.   You want to record, celebrate milestones, achievements, family sayings and traditions.  

​9.   You want a unique and personal one of a kind gift for a friend, family or for yourself.  

10. You want to gift yourself a collection of your photo memories and tell your story.

​​​​​​​​Why invest in a Custom Scrapbook Photo Album?